Tuesday, 15 December 2015

forced psychiatric injections: hip replacements

Recently when out walking I bumped into a friend who I hadn't seen for a few years and she was walking with a stick.  I thought she looked a lot older and wouldn't have recognised her if she hadn't said my name.

I asked her about the stick and she said she was waiting for a hip replacement.  I didn't think the woman was very old, maybe about my age or younger.  Why was she needing this I asked.  She replied that she thought it was the forced injections of psychiatric drugs in her hip which she sustained at Stratheden Hospital that caused it.

I remembered our first meeting when I ran Peer Support Fife, maybe about 5yrs ago, and hearing this woman's story.  Of how she had lost a child, a son of about 10 years old, and her grief was such that she ended up in Stratheden.  Where she was badly treated and at one point ran away to England where I think she is from originally.  Eventually coming back to the hospital for more treatment.

She was angry when I met her back then and I understood why.  I would have been the same in her position.  I have often felt angry about the injustice of psychiatric treatment and the targeting of women who feel the pain of loss and the pain of life.  The risks to women in the psychiatric system, the lack of protection and lack of respect.  Which is mirrored in other areas of society.  But particularly heinous in a system where people are incapacitated by psychiatric drugs, forcibly, against their will.


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