Thursday, 24 December 2015

Apology received from Fife Council re extractor fan repair delay via @RCampbellMSP

On Sunday I received an Email from my MSP Roderick Campbell that contained a forwarded Email apology from Fife Council, regarding the delay in responding to our bathroom extractor fan breakdown.  

It was written by the "Team Manager (Electrical) Maintenance, Mechanical & Electrical Building Services" [font colour green, italic, in Email]

Here is an excerpt:

"I would like to apologise for the time taken to complete this repair. Due to resource issues at the time (which have now been resolved) this job took building services longer than it normally would to complete this repair."

Mr Campbell had initially written to the Chief Executive of Fife Council, Steve Grimmond, detailing 3 issues which I had raised with him: extractor fan; Fife Council signage eg Fluthers carpark (which I notice has been removed); bus stops Springfield.  Copying in Cllr Karen Marjoram.  

I thanked my MSP in response, by Email. 


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