Thursday, 29 October 2015

WARM presentation by Susanne Harder

Prof Lawrie
Strapline of an Email just sent to Professor Stephen Lawrie, kingpin of the Scottish Mental Health Research Network, lead psychiatrist at Edinburgh University, practising medic and no doubt still with links to pharmaceutical companies which only his taxman has the full details about (according to Dr Lawrie in a presentation which I heard him deliver some time ago). 

And here is the body of the Email, copied to various cohort and others, some hidden from sight:
"Dear Professor Lawrie

I am writing to express my concerns about today's event, in particular the presentation by Ms Susanne Harder.  I speak to you as a very experienced children's and youth worker, for over 20 years.  With postgraduate qualifications in community education and FE lecturing, care subjects.  And as a mother and grandmother.  

From the beginning of Ms Harder's talk I was not in agreement with the "facts" or suppositions that she presented to us.  The photos of babies and toddlers that she claimed were proof of problems with attachment were utterly ludicrous.  But what is even more concerning is that you are misleading young people in training and others who work with children, in terms of mental health matters.  You, as in the Scottish Mental Health Research Network.  You who have links with drug companies, or at least you did have.  As in, money, money, money.  You who are a leading psychiatry lecturer at Edinburgh University.

I also speak to you as a mother, who has recovered 3 times from so-called "psychoses", puerperal and menopausal, the stigmatising diagnoses and the forceful, abusive, psychiatric drug treatment that I was subject to, various invasions to my body, against my will.  Why?  Because I didn't want to swallow the drugs.  Which take away a person's agency and decision-making abilities.  My resistance was met with by force. 

Just like today when you came up at the lunch table and pointed your finger, telling me I should leave.  In front of everyone.  Humiliated by a highly paid psychiatrist.  Because I dared to heckle and speak out against false teaching.  Shame on you.

Ms Harder's talk was very upsetting to listen to.  Her misrepresentation of children's behaviour, wrapped up in psychobabble.  I may have laughed in parts because of my astonishment that the woman could believe in what she was saying.  If I didn't laugh I would have cried.  In fact I did cry later, in a cafe.  I was targeted in the lunch queue by others.  Who patronised and even bullied me.  A culture of disrespect towards elders, mothers and women.  

People at your event who know me did not dare approach me for fear of being tarred with the same brush.  (the same thing happened at your 2013 conference)  You and your cohort have created a culture of fear.  People are feart to be critical.  Feart to say what they think.  Easier to blame a mother for daring to speak out and complain.  The irony of inviting a speaker on resilience when you do not foster a culture that has any room for the quality of resilience.  You have lost the plot, it has to be said.  And I am not feart to say it Doctor.

For I am resilient and it's why I speak out.  You are all up the creek without a paddle (I say "you" as a collective entity).  It's not funny to be inviting foolish people to perform for your pleasure.  To make you look better.  It didn't work.  So keep taking the money.  I wish you well on it. 

You may have made a fool of Ms Harder BUT you made a bigger fool of yersel.  In my opinion.  And I am entitled to my opinion Steve.

I will have more to say on this.

Regards, Chrys"

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