Sunday, 13 September 2015

shameful? it's a Wordpress blog. Not the Boston Globe

Yesterday I received an Email from Robert Whitaker (dated 11 September 2015 at 23:50) in response to my request to have all my posts removed from his Mad in America blogging website:

Strapline: Re: please remove all my posts from madinamerica

Here is the response from Bob (words in red) with my Email (words in blue) below: 

Dear Chrys,

I suppose that you could delete all your entries, but I would ask that you not.

I consider MIA posts to have archival value, much like articles written for a newspaper, and once they are published, they are part of a published record. 

I am sorry that you want to erase any institutional memory of your posts on MIA (and of course, you must understand how harsh that sounds to me), but they are part of the institutional records, and I want that institutional record to be maintained. I am sorry you consider it shameful that you ever published on MIA.

As for survivor voices speaking out, we have always sought to have survivor voices, and I have a new editor for survivor voices, Emmeline Mead, who is a survivor herself and great. Her job is to increase the frequency and diversity of such voices. 

On Sep 11, 2015, at 8:53 (12.53 our time) AM, Chrys Muirhead wrote:

Dear Bob
Can you please remove all my posts from your website and anything about me?  Thank you.  [I have resisted, this time around, going in and removing them myself, although I would prefer to do so, as a matter of principle]
I haven't liked the way that the MIA site has developed since Kermit Cole became editor and the continual battles with him over punctuation and grammar.  It started off, if you remember, with Kermit editing my stuff then letting me know.  It felt like an invasion of space.  Then there was all the moderating stuff with Matthew Cohen.  It just felt that they didn't handle it as well as they might have.  Water under the bridge.
Now when I look at MIA it is a completely different animal from when I got involved in January 2012.  It doesn't suit where I'm at, and that's OK.  It's not my website.  I just miss the times in early 2012 when there were so many survivor voices speaking out with no thought of selling a book.
I was grumping about it on Facebook just now but I'll delete these comments and just make a statement to say I've asked for my posts to be taken down.
Yes, S C (I have blanked name out to protect this woman) and others have been grumping about MIA for some time.
No point in washing the dirty linen in public, as they say.  It doesn't help the cause although I may write about it at some point.  And I will stop drop by MIA to see what's happening.
I don't regret coming on board in Jan12 and being able to write on MIA made all the difference in my campaign for justice, in the early days.  Writing on your website gave me confidence.  Thank you for the opportunity.
All the best, Chrys
Good luck to you.



To which I responded on my Galaxy 6 at 7.35am the next morning, on rising (at that point not having seen the words added by Bob to the body of my Email):

Strapline: shameful?

Bob who said anything about it being "shameful"?

Not me.

To add it's a Wordpress blog. Not the Boston Globe.

More anon ....

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