Saturday, 11 July 2015

remembering knitting BMX jumpers for the boys and being a cross-stitcher

One of the reasons I like visiting the Great Tapestry of Scotland is because I've been a keen stitcher over the years, especially when my bairns were young, knitting for them and their cousins.  I was also a dressmaker when a teenager and through the years, like my mother before me, then a cross-stitcher in my 40's doing large projects for friends and family, keeping smaller items for myself.

My two oldest sons had got BMX bikes for Christmas one year so I knitted them jumpers with their own bike colours woven in.  Photos from a day out in Perth c1986, snow on the ground, my youngest son aged about 2 in a hooded, basket-weave knitted jacket, wrapped up warm, a shawl he had from a baby.

Edwin's black & white BMX jumper
Angus's black & yellow BMX jumper

Daniel in pushchair
cross-stitch creations I still have around the home

stitching square I did when 9yrs old c1961 at Caledonian Road School, Perth (now on my dining table)

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