Tuesday, 21 July 2015

mental illness is big business

Email just sent to CEO of national care provider, copied in to board directors:

Strapline: mental illness is big business

"I don't suppose there is an incentive for an organisation like yours to promote, or to believe in, recovery from mental illness. 

It keeps you and the organisation in business.  Caring for the mentally ill.

As for me, I've never believed in mental illness, since 17, in 1970, and seeing my mother in the locked ward of a mental hospital.  No way to treat a lady.  And so, when I got puerperal psychosis, twice, in 1978 and 1984, then a menopausal psychosis, in 2002, plus the requisite forced drug treatment against my will, I eventually made a full recovery, by tapering the drugs, within a year or two, under my own strength.

I never admitted to mental health history in any job applications, knowing full well it would go against me.  I've worked in community development since 1980, with children and young people for 20 plus years, leading groups and activities, in the community, in schools, in colleges, in churches.  I have postgrad qualifications in community education and FE lecturing, care subjects.  Now 62 I have had a full and varied work life, a lot of it voluntary, some of it paid. 

Stigma and discrimination is alive and kicking in mental health matters.  Worse now than ever before.  But that doesn't excuse you or your organisation if you are jumping on the bandwagon.

Particularly since you make money out of the mentally ill.

There is no point in government trying to force folk into work when employers discriminate against people who have mental health history.  A vicious circle. There is no incentive to get a paid job if that is the case.

The irony is that this care provider works with people who have mental health issues.  The game's a bogey.  They don't promote recovery because their clients would recover and they would lose business.   It's all about the money.   Mental illness is big business.

The recovery movement in Scotland has ground to a halt. Because there is no money in it.

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