Friday, 3 July 2015

a short response from Dr Alex Baldacchino with a link to the CAMILLE project website

Here is an Email received today 3 July 2015 from Dr Alex Baldacchino, regarding my letter to him about the CAMILLE project: 'Dear Dr Baldacchino: CAMILLE project work with children of "mentally ill" parents: "early tracing and prophylactic measures"

CAMILLE Project website (no mention of prophylactics)

I am on holiday right now but if you go to: this will take you to the CAMILLE website

Will get back in touch when I am back at work


Dr Alex Baldacchino, MD, MPhil, PhD, FRCPsych

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Addiction Psychiatry.  Email: a.baldacchino@dundee or Tel: 01382383022 or 01382 383008/01382 383025, Fax: 01382 383647

Clinical Lead and Consultant in Addiction Psychiatry, NHS Fife . E-mail; or Tel: 07900161639 or 01592 716446 (Ext. 46955),Fax: 01592 716759.

NHS Fife Research and Development Director. E-mail: or,Tel: 07900161639 or 01383 623623 ext 20955

The International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) Congress will be held at the Caird Hall in Dundee, Scotland between the 5th and 8th October 2015. For more information go to:"

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