Thursday, 18 June 2015

started following @AmnestyScotland

After a series of Emails exchanged yesterday with Julie Hepburn, Amnesty Scotland Advocacy and Education worker, I have decided to follow @AmnestyScotland to see what they are up to, regarding human rights in Scotland.  Particularly in mental health matters.

Because I hadn't heard much if anything of Amnesty Scotland in the last 3 years since I've been campaigning as a mental health human rights activist.  Apart from previously contacting Julie Hepburn, Amnesty Scotland, in March this year to ask if I might attend the Cross Party Group on Human Rights at Scottish Parliament.  [see yesterday's blog post: excluded from the Human Rights Cross Party Group @ScotParl: no Freedom to Speak @AmnestyScotland; conflicts of interest

 I'm just checking out their Scotland website page, and noticed this piece:

link to Amnesty website page

However it seems to be rhetoric rather than action.

I will try and find out how many paid workers they have in Scotland and what their remit is, so as to understand something of what Amnesty is doing here in Scotland.  To challenge human rights abuses.

I notice from this blog post in 2011 that Julie Hepburn was the "Scottish Campaigner" with Amnesty International: Which Way Home?  Checking out her LinkedIn profile I see that Ms Hepburn worked as a Policy and Research Officer with the SNP from 2002 to 2006, and that she has been 8 years with Amnesty International.

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