Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mental Health Bill debate @ScotParl today 24 Jun15; Mental Health Act did not protect against psychiatric abuse Feb12

Here is the Mental Health (Scotland) Bill page on the Scottish Parliament website.

Today, 24 June 2015, Stage 3 proceedings of the MH Bill will be debated in parliament.

link to Business Bulletin 24 June 2015

 Marshalled List of Amendments selected for Stage 3

 Groupings of Amendments for Stage 3


I plan to spectate at the debate which for me will be a challenge as I'm more of an action person and a writer than someone who likes listening to debates about legislation and word changes.  Because it's been my experience that what's written down in the Scottish Mental Health Act as it stands at present hasn't been implemented properly or monitored effectively in Fife where I live.

The safeguards in the Act were not safe in practice, in Stratheden Hospital, February 2012.  The Principles contained within the Act were not followed or adhered to, in respect of my son's psychiatric treatment or mine.  Therefore the legislation was nothing more than a piece of paper which was disregarded by psychiatric nursing staff.  No accountability.  No management responsibility.

Following our exposure of the human rights abuses in the Stratheden IPCU the NHS Fife health board were awarded £4.4million from Scottish Government to build a new IPCU that was "fit for purpose".  We got nothing except more abuse.  I was blamed in an Adult Investigation Report headed up by Fife Council Social Work Service.  And then singlehandedly had to raise complaints, eventually to the Ombudsman, all the time being excluded from events like the Scottish Patient Safety Programme and the Scottish Crisis and Acute Care Network steering group.

Sent out of the room for speaking the truth about psychiatric abuse.  


It was a year ago today that senior civil servant Geoff Huggins bullied and slandered me in an Email, that caused me upset and physical ill health:

I made a complaint to Scottish Government, it wasn't upheld by Paul Gray.  I took the complaint further, it was investigated again by civil servants, and again it wasn't upheld. 

There is no justice in Scottish mental health matters or in Scottish Government when a mother speaks out about her son's abuse in psychiatric settings.  I will keep speaking out until justice is done.

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