Monday, 15 June 2015

join the VOX board and get free trips abroad, be part of the in-crowd, get your name in the hat/crown for a gong?

Letter just sent to VOX workers, board members, advisers and cronies:

Strapline: join the VOX board and get free trips abroad, be part of the in-crowd and get your name in the hat/crown for a gong?

"Hi folks

Just been reading the VOX BOX newsletter June 2015.  Where the message seems to be: join the VOX board and see the world, get free trips abroad or down to London.  You may be rewarded with a gong.

I notice the main paid worker with Plus Perth was away to Tallinn, courtesy of VOX monies, along with a HUG member.  No surprise there then.  VOX and HUG are like symbiotic twins, competing for a place in the so-called Scottish "mental health user movement".  Supported by the likes of Plus Perth and other cronies.

"The Directors are a friendly bunch" says Graeme Bowman.  Not in my experience.  If you happen to have a critical voice and speak out against psychiatric abuse.  Or against the hierarchical shenanigans and conflicts of interest in VOX matters, where board members are employed by government monies.  Rewarded by MBEs (members of the bullying empire).  

And John Sawkins talks about "being at the table".  Well you may be at the table eg down in London with the RCPsych and on other committees (who knows what or where), through your VOX board membership and keeping in with the powers that be.  Good luck to you.

Some of us in Scotland are not at the VOX table.  Because we have been left out of the party invitations and celebrations at Edinburgh Castle, or have voted with our feet.  Yet we are keeping on campaigning for the human rights of detained psychiatric patients and for justice in mental health.  Telling the truth.  Despite the exclusion and abusive treatment.  Three cheers for us!

Regards, Chrys"

VOX newsletter June 2015

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