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Dr Donald Lyons 'Know your rights, use your rights' in Bipolar Scotland newsletter - stuff and nonsense

Here is an Email sent today, 20 June 2015, to the CEO of Bipolar Scotland regarding an article in their newsletter which came through my letterbox today.  Written by Dr Donny Lyons, previous CEO of the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (MWC), an old-age psychiatrist, who I remember as being quite keen on ECT.  

Or so he told me when we used to sit together at the Cross Party Group for Mental Health in Scottish Parliament.

now on the board of NHS GGC

Strapline: Dr Donald Lyons 'Know your rights, use your rights' in Bipolar Scotland newsletter - stuff and nonsense

"Dear Alison

I am writing to you, in the first instance, to complain about the Donny Lyons piece in your newsletter which I have just received through my letterbox.  See screenshot of the strapline and opening paragraphs.

I have no Email contact now with Dr Lyons since his retiral (no doubt on a whopping pension) but am copying in Colin McKay (present CEO of MWC), trusting that he will forward this correspondence on.

The fact of the matter is that in psychiatric settings, in Scotland, our human rights as a detained psychiatric patient are not guaranteed, regardless of whether we know them or not.  My son knew his rights in February 2012 in the Stratheden IPCU and they were denied.  He was locked in a seclusion room with no toilet, no water, in the dark, for hours at a time, unobserved.  Basic human rights denied.  I knew my rights as a mother and Named Person.  These were continually undermined.  I was blamed in an Adult Protection Investigation Report by Fife Council social work department for causing "psychological harm" when NHS Fife staff were subjecting my son to psychiatric abuse.

Dr Lyons is deluded if he thinks that the human rights of detained mental patients are a reality.  He was the CEO of the Mental Welfare Commission in Feb12 when my son's human rights were denied and he was abused.  I wrote to Dr Lyons constantly in Emails from 1 February onwards about it.  The MWC did nothing to stop the abuse of patients in Stratheden Hospital through their use of the locked seclusion room.  In fact they were still using the room in September 2014 because a mother wrote to me about it.  A woman who worked for the Joint Improvement Team, based at St Andrews House, Edinburgh.  She appealed to me.  I forwarded her Emails on to Colin McKay, MWC, Dr Lyons' successor.

It's a farce.  For Bipolar Scotland to promote this rubbish is really upsetting to me as a mother, picking up the pieces after dehumanising psychiatric treatment.  You are insulting my intelligence and my membership of your organisation.

Dr Lyons ends by saying that the mentally ill have recourse to justice, to report matters to the police.  The problem with this, Dr Lyons, is that people who have been abused by psychiatry and receive mental disorder diagnoses are in no fit state to take a case to court.  They are not well enough to do so.  Although some do try and still get nowhere (Claire Muir, Dumbarton).

I will have more to say about this.

Regards, Chrys

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