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continuing dialogue by Email with the Director of Training for Psychology Services at NES

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Here is an Email received yesterday, 12 June 2015, from the Director of Training for Psychology Services, NHS Education for Scotland:

Strapline: Nes commissioned review

"Dear Chrys,

You were in touch 3 weeks ago - I have been out of the office a lot lately, sorry it has taken a while to get back to you. It was not my intention to offend you in my earlier communication- I will try to avoid this now and in the future.

You are clear that you would like to see quick progress and results from the review. Unfortunately at the moment I cant add much to what I said previously. The discussions about scope and remit with the two EBE and governance groups have not been concluded yet, and I feel its important not to close this down prematurely.

I aim to provide updates regularly and will do so again in a couple of months.

Best wishes

Judy Thomson
Director of Training for Psychology Services
NHS Education for Scotland
2 Central Quay
89 Hydepark Street
G3 8BW"


And my response today, 13 June 2015:

Strapline: Re: Nes commissioned review - my reasons for keeping up the pressure - talking therapies for people in crisis 

Dear Judy

Thank you for your Email.

To clarify.  I was looking for action, outcomes, results and something more than a written report.  Resources put in.  Not just rhetoric and little substance.

I am concerned that any review by NES will produce a report and nothing else will happen.  I speak from experience, of Scottish Government departments which seem to talk and write rather than do and deliver.  

I can only reiterate that for most of my working life I was involved in community development.  Setting up projects alongside people in communities of interest. 

Apologies for spelling it out yet again.  I do it because the meaningful involvement of Experts by Experience is too important a task to be sidelined and left in a report.  I have not seen the Scottish Government mental health division under Geoff Huggins do the job right.  It has left me sceptical and critical.  In recent years my sons have suffered because of the government's failure to act in relation to patient safety and polypharmacy.

I want to see psychological therapies available for people in crisis not just psychiatric drugs, forced in if "non-compliant".  Which happened to me, every time, although a "voluntary" mental patient".  And it has happened to 7 other members of my family.  Coercive treatment.

Therefore I am an ally of Psychology Services and believe that psychiatric survivors and service users have something valuable to offer in the training of psychology students that cannot be found elsewhere.  

For your interest.  I am co-writing a piece with Ste Weatherhead, senior lecturer at Lancaster University, clinician specialising in brain injury, editor of Clinical Psychology Forum and Director of the Division of Clinical Psychology Professional Standards Unit.  Strapline includes the phrase "is the role of experts by experience well defined?" although this may change.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to respond.  I hope that you will understand why I am keeping up the pressure.

Regards, Chrys"


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