Sunday, 14 June 2015

collaborative working to improve feedback mechanisms in Fife psychiatric settings: making it safer for patients and carers

Collaborative working with the Fife Patient Relations Team, an idea which was mooted in a phone call by the Manager, nearly 6 weeks ago.

NHS Fife website page
 My Email to the Patient Relations Manager at NHS Fife on 6 May at 12.22:

"Dear .........

Thank you for taking my call. 

I am interested in working with the NHS Fife Patient Relations team to improve the pathways for patients and carers raising concerns about psychiatric inpatient treatment and mental health services.

I think that my experiences of raising concerns and complaints, in Fife and elsewhere, with both health and social care, could be useful.  To highlight what worked and what didn't work.  To explore ways of making the process easier and safer for all concerned.  Especially from the patient and carer perspective.

There may be an opportunity to do a piece of work which could be a template for other Scottish areas also.  Particularly considering the health and social care integration agenda, and the challenges. 

It would be enjoyable to put into practise again my community development skills and systems thinking.  For most of my working life that's what I was about.  I like to think I was good at it.

Regards, Chrys" 

And a response from the Manager on 6 May 2015 at 17.51: 

"Dear Chrys 

Thank you for your email and for your interest in working with me to improve this aspect of our work, I look forward to working with you in the future. ..... 

.... my interest in working with you to progress the feedback/complaints mechanisms for service users/ families."


My blog post 7 May 2015: here is the challenge: making it safe to complain in psychiatric settings

An extract:

Here are some ways in which I think the pathway to complaining can be made straighter:
  • putting Experts by Experience (EbE) at the heart of the process
  • safeguards in place which are safe 
  • confidentiality scrupulously adhered to
  • management ensuring regular training of staff in responding to complaints, involving EbE who may be service users, psychiatric survivors, carers or family members with a range of views
  • de-personalising the procedure, taking away any "blame" aspect
  • training of managers in how to write letters of response to complaints which are neutral and blameless


Update: I am waiting to hear of possible dates for an initial meeting and sent a reminder Email on 9 June 2015.  No response as yet. 

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