Friday, 29 May 2015

#RightsForLife: a corporate affair; who will dare to speak out about psychiatric abuse?

An Email just sent to the Rights for Life conference leaders:

Rights for Life programme

and others who are speaking plus the funders:

Strapline: Re: Rights for Life (2-3 June 2015): a corporate affair; who will dare to speak out about psychiatric abuse? 

"Dear Rights for Life Leaders, Speakers and Civil Servants

I am wondering if any of you will be speaking out about the human rights of psychiatric patients and their carers.  In particular those of us who have been subject to psychiatric abuse?  Forced drug treatment and a denial of our basic human rights. 

The right to prohibiton of torture: No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading  treatment or punishment.  The right to freedom of expression.  The right to an effective remedy.  The right to prohibition of discrimination.

Or will the #rightsforlife event be another giant public relations exercise with the aim of telling the world that all is well in Scotland's mental health world.  A rhetorical question.  Because I really don't think that any of you will dare to risk your positions and gongs for the sake of justice and truth in psychiatric settings.

I haven't seen any evidence of it so far in over 7 years of trying to be "meaningfully involved" in mental health matters.

Yours sincerely"

Storifying when first hearing of this event:

24 March 2015: last night grumblings in response to Email from IIMHL about SRN/Penumbra and "claiming rights"

18 March 2015: a wee rant on twitter after hearing about the SRN/SeeMe "Rights for Life" extravaganza (grr....)


Thursday 21 May 2015 on the way into a meeting with Prof Alan Miller: snapshots at the Scottish Human Rights Commission offices in Edinburgh

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