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Letter to NES Director of Training for Psychology Services: what's happening re EbE involvement in DClinPsy training Scotland?

NES fast facts
Letter just sent by Email, 18 May 2015, to Judy Thomson, Director of Training for Psychology Services, NHS Education for Scotland (NES), following a letter I first sent in February 2015 (link below):

Strapline: Re: NES "independent review of EBE involvement in DClinPsy training in Scotland" - what's happening? I haven't heard, it's been 3 months ...

"Dear Judy

I am writing to find out what's happening regarding your "independent review of EBE involvement in DClinPsy training in Scotland"?  It's been 3 months and I've heard nothing.  Have you got results yet (I'm not just meaning a written report)?

To remind you.  I spent more than 3 years trying to be meaningfully involved at the DClinPsy groups for people who are Experts by Experience.  It felt a bit like going round in circles and getting nowhere.  I have to be honest.  

Have you therefore taken any of my suggestions on board?  As in Email attached. 

  • money/resources in (£444million underspend by Scottish Government at the end of 2014 report)
  • creation of development/co-ordinator posts, employing psychiatric survivors, EbE (a decent salary for the user/carer/EBE person, not peanuts)
  • moving quickly so as to keep the momentum going (two people in post within 6 months)
  • A place at the table for a range of voices - questioning voices, survivors of psychiatry, service users, carers, family members, sceptics, fully signed up conscripts etc
  • meaningful involvement which can be measured in outcomes, not just talk with no action (I've had a lot of that when engaging with civil/uncivil servants at Scottish Government who write documents that are not implemented)

Unfortunately, as you will be aware, the HEAT target for access times re psychological therapies is not being met across the health boards in Scotland.  In Fife it is at 58% and the target is 90%.  Fail. 

[But some good news in Fife is that we have a Music Therapist in Stratheden Hospital and a new build IPCU, costing £4.4million, underway, which has my son's name on it, metaphorically speaking since he whistleblowed about the locked seclusion room and psychiatric abuse.]

I look forward to hearing from you.  This Email will go into a blog post, for the sake of transparency and sharing of information.

Regards, Chrys"


"I was a founding member of both the CUSP and APEX groups": DClinPsy dialogue with NES Director - blog post with original letter I sent on 20 February 2015 to Judy Thomson and responses

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