Friday, 15 May 2015

here's how I DON'T want to be remembered

I sent a letter yesterday to the OPAC (older people in acute care) improvement team and their parent leads Healthcare Improvement Scotland, raising concerns about their stable of videos which promoted the Think Delirium posters and the 4AT concept, still being evaluated.  On the page "OPAC tools are working".

I felt that, although the films looked positive and had good production values, they were lopsided in terms of no voices to be heard from older people/patients or carers.  There was a feeling of reinforcing stigma in the promotional materials and that dementia was linked to delirium and frailty, by virtue of a person being confused and elderly.  

Here is some artwork done in Paint by me to demonstrate what I wouldn't want to be happening with my image were I to be incapacitated or dead.  Note the copyrighting just in case there is any confusion.  I sent these off to the OPAC and HIS folk.  

See Me not the label


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