Friday, 1 May 2015

FOI request: NHS Fife complaints and concerns statistical breakdown 2010-2015

FOI request sent today, 1 May 2015, to NHS Fife:

Strapline: FOI request: NHS Fife complaints and concerns statistical breakdown 2010-2015

"This is an FOI request.

I would like details about NHS Fife Complaints and Concerns in the last five years, 2010-2015.

In particular I am interesting in knowing how many complaints/concerns were raised by patients and/or carers of psychiatric wards in Fife, compared to general hospital wards.  I am wondering if psychiatric patients are free and able to make complaints or whether declarations of "incapacity" make this a rare happening.  Also whether the risk of retaliation is a factor.  As in, if psychiatric patients complain are they at risk of being unreasonably treated if requiring inpatient care in the future?

Therefore a statistical breakdown which gives specific detail such as hospital and area would be useful.  Plus the outcome of the complaint or concern.  Whether the complainant was happy with the response, or not.  I am assuming that you will have customer satisfaction stats or a way of gauging if there is a positive outcome?

Whatever information you have on the complaints process would be appreciated so that I can get a picture of the situation.  Generally and specifically, regarding complaints and concerns raised.

According to the reports given at the health board meeting in St Andrews on Tuesday last (see storify of my tweets) there was an increase in complaints/concerns between Nov14 and Feb15.  I notice the concerns raised were the greatest in Feb15 at 108, the most in that year, while complaints were numbered at 38.  Averaging out about about 36 complaints a month.  I am interested in knowing how many of these were mental health specific and psychiatric treatment in particular.
From NHS Fife Healthcheck Jan/Feb 2015

I suspect that there will be far less complaints made or concerns raised by psychiatric patients and their carers than by "general" patients and carers.  I base this on my own experience of both raising concerns in 2010, about Stratheden Hospital's Lomond Ward, and then having to raise a complaint in 2012 which resulted eventually in an upheld decision by the Ombudsman.  Of "unreasonable treatment" to my son when he was an inpatient of the Stratheden IPCU.

For me the process was one of raising concerns in 2010, with senior NHS Fife staff who I knew in mental health, now retired.  And raising them also with Scottish Government mental health division and with the Mental Welfare Commission, because I knew the civil servants and senior staff involved.  However this was not very satisfactory and I wasn't listened to in any way that had a positive impact on Fife psychiatric services. 

And so in 2012 when again having to access crisis support, with difficulty, the situation escalated in Lomond Ward on 1 February when my son was assaulted by a nurse, face-down restrained by 3 nurses, got a broken hand and eventually locked in the seclusion room with no toilet or water to drink for hours on end.  You know the story.  It wasn't pleasant. 

I look forward to receiving the answer to my FOI request.  Please let me know if you require further clarification regarding my request."

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