Wednesday, 13 May 2015

abusive cultures: failure to act: a collective responsibility

When it comes to human rights abuses in psychiatric settings it is a matter of action.  It's just not good enough for people to listen, to watch and then do nothing.  Turning a blind eye.  Taking staff out of the firing line.  Or giving lessons in mindfulness.

Institutional bullying in psychiatric settings will result in human rights abuses, patients suffering and carers getting caught in the middle, or having to advocate at clinical meetings.  If they are brave enough to do so and take the flak.

Government ministers with experience in human rights law and advocacy should be playing their part.  In speaking out on behalf of their constituents who have been subject to the bullying and abuses.  

They should also be getting the uncivil servants telt.  Hold them to account.  For not doing the job right.  Too much targeting resulting in too many casualties.  The wrong sort of action.  Defective management and ineffective leadership.  Fail.

Why should families and carers have to continually pick up the pieces after unreasonable treatment and human rights abuses in psychiatric settings?  Why should Scottish Government have to keep baling out health boards with financial awards after failing to keep patients safe?

Why are health boards benefitting to the tune of millions for not managing their money right when carers are only getting £61/week or nothing if on a basic State Pension?  To cope with the fallout.

Will a new build unit prevent bad habits from continuing and reduce the risks of harm to patients who are resistant to the forcing of toxic drugs into their system?  Where are the guarantees?

Is anyone listening?  And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?  Actions speak louder than words.  

"Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)


Thanks to Dr Richard Simpson MSP for sending me this newsletter about the new build IPCU at Stratheden:

Otherwise I may have been kept in the dark.

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