Friday, 1 May 2015

remembering my father Willie Patterson: author of sci-fi strip Jeff Hawke; one in a million; 1986 dedication Titan Books

my dad at home in Perth c1963
This morning I've been remembering my father Willie Patterson who was author and scriptwriter of the science fiction strip Jeff Hawke, Daily Express, London, c1957-1969.  He was a larger than life character, a principled man, flawed as we all are, but I am glad he was my dad.

Here is the 2 page write-up by Sydney Jordan, creator of Jeff Hawke and illustrator, in the Titan Books republication 'Counsel for the Defence' First edition April 1987:

Thanks to Sydney Jordan for sending me the Titan Books Jeff Hawke first publications: from 1986 edition: Jeff Hawke Book One and 1987 edition: Counsel for the Defence.  And for informing me of my father's funeral in Kensal Green, October 1986.  My middle sister and I attended.

Here is the signed dedication on the first edition June 1986 copy:

 And the foreword to the 1986 book, written by Sydney Jordan in April 1985 while my father was still living, in London:


Postscript: during his years of writing for the Daily Express in London my father travelled down and back to Perth where his family lived.  Including my mother, my two younger sisters and me.  His parents and other family members.

When my father's contract was terminated in 1969 he stayed down in London and we remained in Perth.  Separated by circumstances.  

June 1986 Titan Books (my copy)

April 1987 Titan Books (my copy)
Jeff Hawke: Overlord; Amazon UK

Jeff Hawke: Ambassadors; Amazon UK

"Widely considered as one of the most important sci-fi comic strips ever published, "Jeff Hawke" is a benchmark in intelligent, adult-oriented storytelling!Jeff Hawke's not your average space-hero; focused on reasoning, diplomacy and moral virtues instead of brute force, he is frequently forced to be the ambassador - rather than the saviour - of mankind! His universe is populated with alien species that meet humankind by accident or for commerce, but hardly ever for invasion.Patterson's subtle wit makes the strip's plots and characters as fascinating as they are amusing, and Jordan's highly expressive style fully captures the strangeness of the weird and wonderful aliens of Jeff's universe!"

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