Saturday, 21 March 2015

'Psychiatric care unit plan approved' Fife Herald 20 March 2015 - updated with @nhsfife response

Updated 23 March 2015 with Email response from Mary Porter, NHS Fife General Manager:

"Dear Chrys

Thank you for your email. As previously advised the business case for the IPCU will be considered on the 7 April by the CIG, as part of our submission we are required to seek and include planning permission. Once the business case is approved I will write to you with the dates of our public events.

Kind regards.



I have written to Mary Porter, General Manager NHS Fife, to confirm the dates and details regarding the new IPCU planning approval, copying in my MSP Roderick Campbell and other NHS Fife managers:

"Dear Mary

I am writing to you again about the new IPCU business case approval which you stated, in attached Email, would be after the "Capital Investment Group at the Scottish Government which next meets on the 7th April 2015".  (see link to blog post with Email sent 3 March 2015)

Yesterday's Fife Herald had a brief news piece announcing that planning approval had been granted, regarding the build of the new IPCU at Stratheden, subject to a number of conditions.  See attached copy.

Can you please confirm what the details are, regarding dates of approval and public consultation or briefing events.  

Thank you,

With regards, Chrys

[this Email and the Fife Herald article will go in a blog post for the sake of transparency]"

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