Wednesday, 4 March 2015

my comment about Stratheden Hospital on @thecourieruk 'Struggling NHS Fife calls in help'

The Courier news article 'Struggling NHS Fife calls in help' by Claire Warrender, 3 March 2015

What I had to say:

“I hope that NHS Fife are including psychiatric hospitals in their review, looking at the standards of care in Stratheden Hospital in particular.  Where my son was subject to "unreasonable treatment" in February 2012, despite my raising complaints from the 1st of February, and not being listened to with any seriousness. 

It took me 30 months to have my complaint against NHS Fife upheld by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, in September 2014.  During this time I also had to singlehandedly support my son after his traumatic experience as a Stratheden inpatient.  The Adult Protection Investigation led by Fife Council Social Work Service at the time failed to identify any issues and tried to put the blame on me, a mother and carer. 

I have had to become a writer, activist and campaigner, to have a voice and to be heard.  On a Carers Allowance of £61/week.  I believe that NHS Fife psychiatric services should receive the same scrutiny as general medical services in Fife.  Parity of esteem.  People with mental health issues should not be discriminated against and receive sub-standard care because of it.  Neither should their carers.

Emailed to the NHS Fife board Chair and CEO, copied in to MSPs, senior managers at both NHS Fife and Fife Council, to the Fife Carers Centre Manager, to local Councillors and to Courier reporters:

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