Monday, 23 March 2015

Dear Doctors: can you get me a pass for the Stirling @rcpsych event? maybe I could join your team (updated response)

Letter sent by Email at 7.33am, 23 March 2015, to Prof Keith Matthews and Dr David Christmas, Advanced Interventions Service, Dundee:

"Dear Doctors Matthews and Christmas

I have just heard that you are both speaking at the forthcoming RCPsych event in Stirling on 15 May 2015 (see poster below).  Would you like a third person on the team.  Me?

I could speak out from the psychiatric survivor experience, also as an ex-service user, clinically depressed after having/being made to swallow Risperidone then Venlafaxine then Lithium.  A triple dose of depressing drugs.  

I could tell everyone how I got over the depression by getting off the drugs.  Explain the tapering process.  The magic ingredients of resilience, resistance and bloody-mindedness (excuse the expression).  I think my participation could go down a storm among your fellow clinical professionals.

What do you think?  Would there be room for me on the day?

Yours hopefully,


PS I do hope you are not recommending NMD as a magic ingredient?  If that was the case then I'd need to do a protest."

[I have removed the screenshot of the Email at the request of Dr Christmas]


Dr Christmas Emailed a response at 8.34am, 23 March 2015:

"Dear Chrys, thanks for the offer but I suspect that on this occasion we should be okay. Best wishes, David."

I then asked for a copy of their presentation and Dr Christmas responded saying:

"They'll probably go on the website so remind me after the event and I'll make sure you can access them. Best wishes, David."

[I have removed the screenshot of the Email at the request of Dr Christmas]

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