Wednesday, 11 February 2015

are the Alliance "trusted neutrals"?

Irene Oldfather, Director at the Health and Social Care Alliance, Scotland, said at a Care Opinion launch event I attended on 20 January in Cupar that the Alliance were "trusted neutrals" politically.

At the time I tweeted her comment however I am beginning to wonder if this is an accurate statement.  Are the Alliance neutral in terms of being independent of government?  And how can an organisation that is funded by government be entirely neutral?

I recently resigned from membership of the Alliance because I didn't feel supported, due to not getting a place at the Scottish Medicines Consortium conference.  I was patronised in conversations with the Director.  I don't appreciate being spoken down to or patted on the head for the "good" work that I do.  The work I do is tough and costs me.  Let's be clear about it.

I didn't choose to become a critical voice in mental health matters but was forced into it because of what happened to my son in Stratheden Hospital when a psychiatric inpatient.  I am now a writer, activist and campaigner because of the human rights abuses and being excluded from meetings for speaking out.

If the Alliance is only supporting people who praise health boards and are popular because of it then what is neutral about that state of affairs?  I don't think that is fair and is more about keeping in with politicians and those in power.  So as not to bite the hand that feeds.

How very disappointing.  

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