Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Letter to the First Minister - updated with acknowledgement from Ministerial Correspondence Unit

[Updated with  acknowledgement from the Scottish Government's Ministerial Correspondence Unit]

Sent in an Email at 08.23 this morning, copied in to various others.  Strapline: 'questions for the First Minister of Scotland - freedom, independent voices, Empire medals, exclusion, HIS, uncivil servants, money and position':

"Dear Nicola

I am asking you these questions as First Minister of Scotland. 

I am addressing you by your first name because I have met you twice before: in Kirkcaldy, August 2011, at the Summer Cabinet meeting in the Adam Smith Theatre, where I spoke to you, in your role as Cabinet Secretary for Health about the lack of independent advocacy for mental health in Fife; and October 2013 in my home town of Perth, at the 4 day SNP Conference where I took part in the Women's Academy event and spoke to you on the stage when we were practising speaking out in the auditorium.  At the time I ran a blog and twitter account, Indy Women NE Fife, promoting independence.

Is Scotland a free country?  Are independent voices welcome in my homeland?  Do I have to strive for an Empire medal so as to be heard?  Does the fact I live in a council house and get a Carers Allowance of £61/week mean I am of less value?

Why do I keep getting excluded from Healthcare Improvement Scotland events and badmouthed by civil servants for speaking out with a critical voice about cronyism, bullying and psychiatric abuse, from the carer and psychiatric survivor perspective?

Do mothers and grandmothers in Scotland matter?  Would I be listened to more if I had a position in an organisation, a title and a big wage?

I believe that my voice is of equal value, that my home country of Scotland is a place for free speech and that I shouldn't have to aim for letters after my name and loads of money so as to be heard or appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Chrys Muirhead (Mrs)"


Reply letter received by Email at 13.39:

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