Friday, 6 February 2015

letter sent to IIMHL President on receiving the I.ROC product sell

I woke up this morning to an Email from the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership which went out to their mailing list and was a sales pitch for the I.ROC tool from Penumbra:

Here is my letter sent this morning in an Email, to Fran Silvestri, President of the double imhl, copied in to the directors of Penumbra and SRN, the Abertay folk who are involved and senior civil servants in government:

"Dear Fran

I wanted to say something to you about this piece.  As a Scottish writer, activist and campaigner.

The Scottish Recovery Network is managed by Penumbra therefore to use the SRN quote to back up the Penumbra IROC tool is a bit like keeping it in the family. 

I might have used the word "incestuous" but will resist.

It's another product sell and may have merit, I don't know.  But from what I've experienced as a carer and psychiatric survivor neither SRN or Penumbra work in a person-centred ways with anyone who does not swallow their message in a oner.  In other words if you speak out with a questioning or critical voice you will be excluded.  I can testify to that.  Cronyism abounds.  Hierarchical shenanigans.  

Now there may be a reason for their behaviour in terms of the situation in Scotland's mental health world where the biomedical model of mental illness rules and psychiatry keeps looking in brains or genes for the answer.  However both Penumbra and SRN should not be alienating the psychiatric survivors who have always believed in mental health recovery and never believed in mental illness.  We have been there, done that.  Been forced to swallow the drugs and taper them under our own steam.  Making a full recovery.

Penumbra and SRN should be looking for ways to include ALL voices in their recovery movement.  For then they are more likely to work a paradigm shift.  But maybe they are only looking to sell their product.  Nothing more, nothing less.  If so, I ain't buying it.

Yours sincerely,

Chrys Muirhead (Mrs)"

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