Friday, 6 February 2015

Letter sent this morning to the Health and Social Care Alliance CEO and Director

Dear Irene and Ian

I am writing to apologise for expressing my disappointment yesterday in such strong terms.  I was distressed at the Alliance not standing with me.  I am sorry if my distress caused you any upset.  In my defence I had hoped for solidarity and support.  

In the light of a new day I realise that the Health and Social Care Alliance is an organisation that stands with people IN the system.  My stance as an activist and campaigner now is to challenge the system with a critical voice, as if from the outside.  Therefore my membership of the Alliance isn't a good fit.  I've always known this from the beginning.  

Unfortunately there are no other organisations left for me to join that would be a good fit, in mental health matters, in Scotland.  That is sad for me.  It means I'm on my own and I felt this yesterday.  The isolation of being a lone voice.  Although there are others like me who speak out and are similarly ostracised.

The reason it is particularly distressing is because for most of my life I have been a community educator and development worker.  In the midst of people, grassroots, setting up projects in communities, with the philosophies of empowerment and lifelong learning.  I am a people person, a natural leader, a good organiser and networker.  I like being with people.

Because of the human rights abuse in Stratheden Hospital and the unreasonable treatment perpretrated on my son I have had to become a critical voice.  I had no choice in the matter.  My sons are everything to me.  I cannot sit by and allow an abusive system to target my family.  They did it to my mother and sisters, and me.  I've had a lifetime of it.  Enough is enough.  

I hope that you will understand where I am coming from,

Yours sincerely,

Chrys Muirhead (Mrs)

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