Sunday, 15 February 2015

'Hollywood prosthetics helping trainee mental health nurses' - Robert Gordon University statement update - masks curtailed - a volte-face

Update Sunday 15 February 2015 Statement on masks from Robert Gordon University:


'Hollywood prosthetics helping trainee mental health nurses' BBC News, 12 February 2015.  [In Aberdeen where stigma is obviously very much alive and kicking]

I heard about this news piece from Irish mental health activist colleagues on Facebook.  

Their comment:

"All they are missing is Frankenstein! This kind of bull makes a person want to run away and create a new identity. So much stupidity in the world"  

I agree.  It's inherently stigmatising and discriminatory against people with mental health difficulties. 

"Prosthetic masks made in Hollywood are being used to help trainee nurses in Aberdeen learn about mental health issues.

The life-like masks are worn by tutors at Robert Gordon University to create scenarios for the students to deal with.

It is thought to be the first institution in Scotland to use the masks." (let's hope it's the last)

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