Saturday, 10 January 2015

Scottish Parliament Petitions? I wouldn't bother. Government ministers have not acted in respect of the Sunshine Act Petition. They don't have the nerve.

Email just sent to a fellow campaigner and copied to over 40 other people, including many MSPs and the First Minister:

"....... good luck with the petition.

My personal opinion about Scottish Parliament petitions is that they are a waste of time.  I attended the Public Petitions Committee to hear the Sunshine Act Petition being discussed on 11 November 2014, a year after Dr Peter Gordon had spoken at the committee about it.  Expecting something to be said or to be done.  Instead they did nothing.  Two minutes discussion saying they would "ask Scottish Government".  Swing ball.  Pass the buck.

I'm now 62 years of age and really don't have the time to be raising petitions that go nowhere.  Not a good use of the time I have left on this earth.

Scottish Government brought out a directive, NHS Circular HDL (2003) 62, instructing health boards to set up Registers of Interest so that staff could declare payments from pharmaceutical companies.  For the sake of transparency.  The health boards have not been complying with this government call to action.  

Dr Gordon has been diligently raising FOI requests in respect of Registers of Interests in every Scottish health board area.  In effect doing the work of Scottish Government.  His Sunshine Act Petition was a follow-up to this.  It made complete sense to me that Scottish Parliament should act upon this petition and support the work of Dr Gordon.

Doctors who have financial links with drug companies will have conflicts of interest.  It is glaringly obvious.  Psychiatrists who are paid by big pharma are even more culpable.  Psychiatric drugs have seriously adverse affects for some people and in the longer term for most people, causing chronicity and physical health issues, never mind a greatly reduced quality of life, and a shorter life span.  This is deadly serious.  

Antidepressants have black box warnings and are difficult drugs to get off.  Antipsychotics in the long term cause tardive dyskinesia, a higher risk of diabetes, problems in walking and other health issues.

If the government can't act when a petition like this is brought before them then what is the point of any of us bothering to raise petitions on other mental health topics?  The government ministers, in my opinion, don't have the nerve or bottle to challenge the dominance of drug companies or the coercive nature of psychiatry and the human rights abuses perpetrated on people who resist being forced with drugs.

We're on our own.  That is the truth of the matter.  And I for one will not stop speaking out even if the government won't.


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