Tuesday, 27 January 2015

letter of congratulation sent to Paul Gray, head of NHS Scotland

Paul Gray (Daily Record 26 January 2015)
Email letter sent this morning to Paul Gray, Director General Health & Social Care and Chief Executive NHS Scotland:

"Dear Mr Gray

I am writing to offer my congratulations.  On successfully managing to drag a mother's name through the muck and getting away with it.

I have decided not to take my complaint against Geoff Huggins, your assistant, to the Ombudsman.  It took me 30 months to successfully mount a campaign against NHS Fife, in respect of my son's "unreasonable treatment" in Stratheden Hospital.  For which I received a one sentence apology, grudgingly given, by the acting chief executive of the Fife health board.

My reputation is not that important.  The opinion of you and your team of civil servants, regarding my character, motivations and behaviour, does not matter that much to me.

I believe in natural justice.  Therefore I will continue to speak out and to defend my cause.

Yours sincerely,

Yvonne Strachan (SEN peer review)
Chrys Muirhead (Mrs)

cc all the people involved in my complaint against Geoff Huggins, including civil servants, government ministers and those who were included in the initial abusive Email, plus the people who took sides with an uncivil servant against me"

Yvonne Strachan, Head of Equality, Human Rights and Third Sector at Scottish Government, investigated my complaint against Geoff Huggins, and here is Ms Strachan's final report

Extracts from the Report:

pages 5 & 6
page 6

page 9

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