Monday, 12 January 2015

it's all about the story

Statistics are one thing but without hearing the voice of the person, the experiences of life, the reality of their existence, then they tell us very little of the truth of it.  In my opinion.  Similarly with "evidence based medicine".

I was recently engaging with a high heid yin, director of a national organisation, who I treat as an equal, in terms of dialogue and communication.  Level playing fields.  I try to do this with everyone.  It means saying what I think regardless of another person's position.  I am prepared to be unpopular if it is required.

This director said that he couldn't comment or didn't agree with some of my comments, adding "but we don’t have to agree on everything".   

To which I responded:  "I agree.  We don't have to agree on everything.  Try walking in my shoes and you might find that we agree on many or even most things.".

There's nothing quite like personal experience, I have found.  Going through it ourselves, feeling the pain, understanding the challenges and being subject to the trauma.  It happened for me in psychiatric settings.  I was forced to take the drugs and tied in to a patriarchal system that oppressed me, took away my agency and labelled me for life.

I didn't like it.  I rebelled when I could.  It wasn't easy. But I wasn't prepared to let them get away with it. 

[into my mailbox just now, as I write: Dr David Healy's latest blog post 'War on Civilization: What Would Happen if Patients Radicalize?']

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