Monday, 12 January 2015

I'm alright Jack

"A comment that indicates a selfish attitude. Not worried about any problems your friends and neighbours might have."

"The film is a satire on British industrial life in the 1950s. The trade unions, workers and bosses are all seen to be incompetent or corrupt to varying degrees."  Wikipedia

I had a disappointing Email exchange the other day with a person who I thought had the same viewpoint and stance as I, regarding the human rights abuses in psychiatric settings. I found out that we weren't on the same page even although she was a psychiatric survivor.

In Scotland's mental health world some, even many, people are more concerned about holding on to their position, whether high or low, rather than standing alongside those who are being abused or oppressed.  I understand it but I don't approve of it.

The scapegoating of those with the schizophrenia label comes to mind.  The division between "common mental health problems" and the "severe and enduring mentally ill", for whom the drugs don't work.  They didn't work for me.  

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