Thursday, 22 January 2015

ever decreasing circles

Something happened yesterday by chance which demonstrates perfectly the circular nature of Scotland's mental health world.

I found out that a carer who had approached me to advocate on her behalf because of patient safety issues, in Stratheden Hospital, last September.  To which I responded, listening, giving them the benefit of my connections, raising awareness, contacting people, highlighting the issue, making a difference.  Well, they work for government, in health, leading, in a role with Joint Improvement Team, Scotland.

An organisation which is accountable to Geoff Huggins, Acting Director for Health and Social Care Integration, who I raised a complaint about in June 2014 because of his bullying behaviour towards me in an Email.  Mr Huggins wrote in response to my speaking out about being excluded from Scottish Patient Safety Programme events nationally.

It seems that I am providing a public service with none of the perks, privileges or position that goes with the job.  I am unpaid, unemployed and unappreciated, by Scottish Government senior civil servants.  Who are getting away with excluding and bullying a mother and unpaid carer.

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