Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Email to @seemescotland - Re: Building a Social Movement Workshop - apologies - I'm too busy

Email just sent to See Me Scotland, after receiving information about their Building a Social Movement Workshop which I'd put my name down for, a while back, thinking I might be able to thole it:"

Apologies for this event.  All the best on the day.

I am too busy working for psychiatric system change to attend this workshop. 

I really don't need to be lectured in the history of social change by academics who teach rather than do.  I have to be honest.  All talk and no action gets my goat.

I am hoping that eventually Scotland's anti-stigma programme and the £1.5million a year will actually get to the roots of it all.  To the heart of the matter.  Targeting the real culprits.  Rather than scratching the surface and attacking grannies who speak out.


I was doing this type of thing back in the early 1980's.  Grassroots community development work, in South Lanarkshire.  Setting up projects in response to need, along with other mothers and activists, helped by statutory workers.  I cut my teeth on it, back in the day.  And have worked at it ever since.

Empowerment.  Lifelong learning.  Mothers leading.  Youth and children's work.  Committees, steering groups, action plans, minutes, exit strategies.  Fundraising, minibus driving, facilitating groups, delivering training.  

Here's a taster of settings and jobs in 1980's: Scottish Pre-School Playgroups Association, Strathclyde Youth Clubs Association, Douglas Water Primary School, Lanark Grammar School, Rigside Church, Adult Literacy Development Worker, Clydesdale Play Association, After-School Club/Playscheme Leader, Visiting housebound elderly.

And so on, broadening the scope, gaining qualifications, from then until now.

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