Thursday, 8 January 2015

critical Email just sent to VOX (meant to be our national mental health "user led" organisation but isn't)

I woke up to a forwarded Email this morning regarding the VOX (voices of experience) "Winter Members Meeting".  I'm not on their mailing list as I got banned from this national mental health, meant to be "user led", organisation, for speaking out with a critical voice.  Challenging the status quo.  The chair of VOX, now an MBE, also works for Healthcare Improvement Scotland (or hiss as I sometimes call them), and has an NHS Email address.

Here's a copy of my Email with names taken out:

"Yet another VOX meeting that I'm banned from attending in case I speak out the truth, as I see it.  

[and what's that MHF shopping advert doing at the bottom of this Email Ms ......  (high heid yin with the Mental Health Foundation, used to be "head of Scotland")?]

Members of the bullying empire.

Please excuse my annoyance.  On Tuesday past I sat through the Scottish Parliament mental health debate, spectating from the public gallery.  There were few MSPs there for the debate.  Mental health is not a priority compared to physical health.  Our voices of experience are not valued.  That's the truth of it.  

VOX should be an independent organisation with room for ALL voices of experience and not just those who agree with government and psychiatry.  VOX should not have board members who are paid employees of NHS or government.  That is a conflict of interest.  I call it incestuous.  Keeping it in the family.

We need a national mental health user/survivor led organisation which is not afraid to challenge government and psychiatry.  Fearless mental health user/survivor leaders who demand human rights for ALL people who have "mental illness" or mental health difficulties.  

Rather than what we've got which is cronies, suckers-up and hierarchical shenanigans.  People vying for position and power.  Animal Farm all over again.  

Yours disappointingly,


Here's the Animal Farm image I attached to the Email:

And here's the MHF advert in the size it came in the Email, without the fundraising hyperlink, because I refuse to promote their stuff as I'm not a crony:

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