Wednesday, 17 December 2014

my comment on today's @Ayrshirehealth post - iPledge by @dtbarron #makeadifference

my comment on today's @Ayrshirehealth post - iPledge by @dtbarron #makeadifference:

"I am pleased to see that Tommy is making a difference and that his past career of being a tour promoter is helping with this.

Regarding your comment Derek: "not by shouting and protesting, tying himself to railings" I have to come in here and say that sometimes it requires active resistance for cultures to shift and radically change.  I am thinking of suffragettes and civil rights movements, without which the world would be a poorer place, in my opinion.

As an unpaid carer I support two sons who are disabled because of mental health difficulties, one of whom lives with me.  I get £61/week for the privilege.  I also voluntarily write and campaign for improvements to mental health and psychiatric services, and sometimes this does involve a protest, speaking out, although up to this point I haven't had to tie myself to railings.  But I would be prepared to if it made a difference."

See blog post 'London demo 29 November 2012: 'bringing in the heavies at the perinatal psychiatry conference' with SOAP'.  Photos from protest, taken by Cheryl Prax:

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