Wednesday, 19 November 2014

scapegoating and solidarity

Yesterday I experienced again what it feels like to be the scapegoat in a situation, the one singled out for "special treatment" because I had a different stance from the "others".  It didn't feel pleasant to be ganged up on.  It never does.  However I wasn't alone.  Friends stood by me.  In solidarity. 

It caused me to think of "mental illness" and my family where all of us through 3 generations have been in and out of the psychiatric system.  All of us subject to "special treatment".  Forced drugging, detained under law.  Some of us got ECT, others of us didn't.  Shared pain.  In solidarity.

I think our experience is special and something to be proud of.  A good thing, a bonus.  We have on occasion had to take each other into psychiatric settings and help each other out.  I've been more of a rescuer and an advocate for family members.  It's been a privilege.  A calling.

But I'm not prepared to be scapegoated by "others" for no good reason.  I will resist the "special treatment" because it isn't special or clever or nice.  I call it bullying and intimidation.  For that's what it is.  None of us deserves to be singled out in that respect.  I won't stand for it.  That's for sure.

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