Saturday, 1 November 2014

Mental Health (Scotland) Bill - free speech? not in Scotland's mental health world - recovery = poverty; caring = poverty; inequalities abound

[Email just sent to various MSPs, cabinet ministers and the real experts by experience.  Copied in and forwarded to various others, many who get paid well and some who get paid less well but they all get more money than I get, that's for sure]

In response to a fellow activist who said:

"The whole Mental Health Act is a multi-million pound industry based about people being paid handsomely by the system to make decisions about people who have no say.  It creates a large rich/poor divide and does not create the fair Scotland the SNP and Labour Party repeatedly say they want. 

Does anyone wish to raise this serious issue in parliament?"


"A....... good luck with your invitation regarding free speech and "mental illness" in the seat(s) of power.

I'm one of the "poor", living in a council house, now 62, an unpaid carer on £61/week, on no benefits because I recovered from "severe and enduring mental illness".  Against the advice of psychiatry.  Saved the state a fortune and by taking on sole caring duties for my son after his dehumanising treatment in Stratheden Hospital, Fife, giving up my paid work I have saved the state even more money.  Up to £500K if my son had been put in the Orchard Clinic or State Hospital like others have.

Yet despite my "public service" I am not allowed to have a voice in the place where "real" decisions are made, in terms of policies and the like.  I am continually knocked back by civil servants and "professional" service users who look down on me from their positions of financial security.  Disempowered by virtue of always having believed in "recovery" and breaking free from the psychiatric system.  Three times.

No wonder people don't take the risk in trying to "recover".  They won't get any thanks for it.  Better to let the system disable you.  Take the benefits for you/me/they/we deserve the money.  I've got a "schizoaffective disorder" label/diagnosis in my notes but never claimed Disabled Living Allowance.  I should have and would have been much better off.  Rather than now getting the label used against me in my son's "notes", like a swear word, stigmatising me and justifying the bullying and intimidation.

There are no level playing fields.  The game's a bogey."

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