Thursday, 6 November 2014

getting my ear bent yesterday, again, about VOX Board Chair and Healthcare Improvement Scotland conflicts of interest

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Yesterday I was at the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland consultation event on Visits for service users, carers, psychiatric survivors, advocates and suchlike, when again I heard, from VOX Board members, about the conflicts of interest to do with the Chair's links with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, a paid job, NHS employee.  Also the symbiotic (incestuous) relationship with Scottish Government high heid yins.

People bend my ear about this as if I can do something about it.  I've done my bit and it made no difference.  I spoke out, got banned, protested in George Square, wrote about it, got badmouthed in Emails, bullied by high heid yins and uncivil servants.  There's nothing more I can do to change the state of affairs in VOX.  Therefore I advise telling the VOX Advisers about it.  Ask their advice on what to do.

One of them is a psychiatrist and the other two are in, or have links to, the Scottish Health Council and the Joint Improvement Team.  They should have some idea as to how you can be heard and justice can be done.  Maybe a vote of no confidence, for example?  I'm just an unpaid carer and have no influence in these corridors of power.  Hierarchical shenanigans.

A few months ago I got an Email from someone telling me that the VOX Board chair had changed the rules so they could keep in the chair seat for longer, having been there for up to 10 years.  I wasn't surprised.  I wondered if Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) had something to do with it?  I don't have any answers, only questions.

For example.  Why did HIS get away with banning me from Scottish patient safety events and giving no good reason for it?  Why are HIS getting away with making films that cost a fair bit of money while saying nothing much about anything that makes sense?  Why are HIS senior managers getting away with picking on (bullying) whistleblowers who work in NHS?

There was a Herald article on 1 November 2014 'New Holyrood powers will target 'protected' ministers' that said "Conveners are expected to guide the work of committees as they scrutinise legislation and hold ministers and quangos to account in the course of special inquiries." (bolding is mine)

I welcome any developments that will hold hierarchical health organisations and civil/uncivil servants to account and that includes NHS health boards and statutory agencies.  Anything that will restore balance, level playing fields and safe practices in psychiatric settings.  There is too much of a postcode lottery in Scotland's mental health world with patients and carers having to suffer for it.

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