Saturday, 4 October 2014

unacceptable actions

I've had a busy week with complaints coming back to me and back at me.  A mixed bag.  That's what happens when you're an activist and campaigner on the justice quest

I'm not satisfied with any of them and I suppose that's par for the course although some have been better than others.  Glimmers of hope that change is possible.

But I'm absolutely not happy about the government one.  It's definitely not up to the mark, falls far short of reasonable treatment.  Uncivil servants getting away with it.  Cronies covering up, ganging up.  

Policies that don't translate into proper practice.  Rather they use them to justify their own unacceptable actions and to ward off criticism about uncivil servants.  Nothing to be proud of.

I was surprised to see a prominent mental health voluntary sector head align himself with the uncivil servant.  An act of betrayal.  It didn't look "fair" or "balanced" from where I was standing.

I wasn't surprised to see two Healthcare Improvement Scotland workers line up to throw stones.  HIS have been banning me from patient safety events ever since the dehumanising treatment of my son in Stratheden Hospital in 2012.  Silencing the critical voices.  

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  1. There is no fundamental difference between the voluntary and state sector. the label 'non profit' is meaningless when salaries are drawn. I have heard they can by truly awful employers too.


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