Thursday, 2 October 2014

my complaint to the ombudsman (SPSO) about Fife NHS Board has been upheld

On Monday 29 September 2014 I received a letter from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman with a decision on my complaint about the treatment my son received from Fife NHS Board while he was an inpatient of Stratheden Hospital.  That my son was "treated unreasonably by psychiatric staff".  It has been upheld.

Quote from page 10 in the letter from the SPSO Complaints Reviewer:

"... I consider that it was inappropriate to transfer your son to the IPCU in his underwear and without shoes.  In addition, I do not consider that the observation or supervision of your son in the seclusion room was adequate or that there is evidence of a plan to ensure that your son had appropriate access to food, fluids and a toilet during his period of seclusion.  This is not acceptable.  In view of these special failings, I have upheld your complaint."

Although I am happy that my complaint about unreasonable treatment has been upheld I am not happy about the human rights issues and abuses that my son was subject to in February 2012 in Stratheden Hospital.  Or the attempts made to blame a mother for system failure.   

I don't appreciate Fife Council Social Work Service investigating me, the whistleblower, and accusing me of "psychological harm" when my son at the time was being locked in a seclusion room, broken hand untreated, no toilet or water to drink, light switch outside, and being subject to human rights abuse.

I don't appreciate Fife Council Mental Health Officers questioning a psychiatrist and a CPN about my character when it was NHS Fife psychiatric staff who were treating my son unreasonably behind the closed doors of the IPCU/Ward 4 at Stratheden Hospital.

I don't appreciate the impotence of Scottish Government Mental Health Division senior civil servants who target health boards with unreasonable expectations, who manipulate service user leaders for their own ends and send bullying Emails to mothers and activists who are working voluntarily to influence positive change. 

Regardless of uncivil civil servants and undermining, unfair complaints processes I will continue to speak out with a critical voice when necessary and I will not be intimidated into silence.

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