Monday, 20 October 2014

looking forward

This is a short post about looking forward to being meaningfully involved in bringing about positive change to mental health and psychiatric services in Scotland.  To making straight paths and level playing fields, alongside others of like minds.  

I'd rather not focus on the negatives although the failures cannot be forgotten.  It will be a matter of continuing to have a voice and a critical perspective while also recognising what is valuable and worthwhile.  

I don't think that trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted is the best way of doing things.  We have to admit the horse did a runner and bring the animal back into the stable, repairing the damage done. 

Today I was in Edinburgh for a meeting of the Scottish Mental Health User Led Research Group at the University and it was good to share stories, to discuss topics and to make plans.  We met as equals and weren't always in agreement but that was OK, for we're all individuals and unique.  There was acceptance and appreciation, of difference and of commonality.

Two of us walked down the road together, chatting on the way to Princes Street, the journey companionable, helped by the sunny day.  It opened up creative possibilities in my mind for future developments.  That's what being meaningfully involved is all about I think.  Widening horizons.

Photos taken today:
Waverley Station Edinburgh

Princes Street gardens

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