Sunday, 19 October 2014

Email sent this morning to my MSP with tweets about "rights-based approaches" talk by GH at #24AEC

[Email sent this morning to my MSP, copied in to other government ministers with portfolio]


I am writing to you as my MSP.

Please find attached screenshots of 6 tweets I made this morning, on finding out that GH was speaking on "rights-based approaches" at tomorrow's Alzheimer Europe conference in Glasgow:

This civil (uncivil) servant undermined and bullied me in an Email on 24 June 2014 which caused me stress and anxiety, and I had to cancel a talk I was giving at an international conference in Liverpool the next day (INTAR), losing the money I spent on the train fare, losing the opportunity to speak out about mental health act safeguards.  Then on 27 June 2014 my son had to call out the paramedics on my behalf because I had palpitations and feeling faint.  I have high blood pressure and can be intolerant to medication.

I made a complaint about Mr H which was investigated by YS, Scottish Government, but my complaint was not upheld, I got the decision letter on 2 October 2014, from PG's office.  There are a number of discrepancies in the investigation report.  I shall be taking my complaint further, to the SPSO, in the hope of getting justice for the damage done to my reputation and so that my complaint may be investigated properly.  For Mr H copied other senior mental health workers in Scotland which was humiliating and I believe a bullying action.  I am very unhappy about this.

I alerted Mr H to the issues in Stratheden Hospital's Lomond Ward in 2010, about the risks to women and the unprofessional behaviour of psychiatric nurses.  I contend it is unfair and unjust that he should try to undermine my reputation because he has not done his job properly.  I contend that he is not a fit person to be leading mental health matters in Scottish Government or to be speaking out about "rights-based approaches".  I am not the only one who thinks this.

Yours sincerely, 

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