Wednesday, 15 October 2014

'Claims Stratheden Hospital patient was ‘dehumanised’ denied' a painful strapline from The Courier on 13 October 2014

I have just come upon this article in The Courier online from 13 October 2014 with the strapline:  'Claims Stratheden Hospital patient was ‘dehumanised’ denied'.

It felt like I was coming under attack again by NHS Fife health board staff for trying to protect my son and our reputation.  I am not happy with the article strapline and content.  It has caused me pain.

Here are the comments from Dr Brian Montgomery, new chief executive of NHS Fife:

"“At all times the primary concern of the psychiatric staff was the safety of both Mr Muirhead and other patients,” he said.

“NHS Fife considers that the reporting of this matter does not fully reflect the full set of difficult circumstances faced by its staff on this occasion, nor does it reflect the full terms and findings of the SPSO letter that was issued in response to the complaints made.

I have sent an Email to Dr Montgomery, in response to his comments, expressing disappointment at the strapline and what he had to say, refuting his statements that patient safety was the primary concern of the staff and stating again that to use a locked seclusion room with no toilet or water to drink, for hours on end, was and is dehumanising.  It is a matter of human rights abuse.

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