Thursday, 16 October 2014

another critical Courier article written by a former facebook "friend" (as of 15 October 2014)

[Email sent to The Courier 16 October 2014]   

Anonymous Glenrothes woman: "If people read things like this they could end up killing themselves"

Irresponsible reporting, in my opinion.  I say this as a writer and blogger, a social networker and campaigner.  Fortunately someone has alerted me to the piece this morning by Email.  

Firstly, I don't doubt that the Glenrothes woman has found her care and treatment to be OK but others have not found it to be good.  In fact some people, I contend, have killed themselves because the treatment has been sub standard and sub human.  But I didn't say this in a news article.

Secondly, this type of prose is more suited to the tabloids than the local paper.  I would have liked to see something more sophisticated.

Thirdly, there are others who have had their human rights abused in Stratheden's IPCU and it goes back a long way.  The culture is a negative one, especially for anyone who whistleblows.

I am disappointed in seeing two articles which are critical of my complaint, both written by the same reporter who I did have as a facebook friend and who now isn't, as of yesterday.  I would recommend that you try and report incidents in a balanced manner.  It does not help the cause of patients in Stratheden Hospital to be setting one person against another. 

The fact that I had my complaint upheld by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman was a big event in mental health circles.  It doesn't often happen as usually the "mentally ill" do not have a voice.  This is a victory for human rights in psychiatric settings. 

If you are going to be reporting on my family's story then I would appreciate, in future, that you let me know.  That is an appropriate way of behaving.

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