Saturday, 6 September 2014

responding to bullying with positive action rather than negative reaction

I find that as an activist and campaigner people can take things personally when the challenge is to do with their professional behaviour and practice.  I suppose a successful campaign will result in personal attacks and bullying behaviour.

I have come to expect the badmouthing and backstabbing in Emails and exclusion from events that I might have even had a hand in developing.  People pinch other people's ideas and claim them as their own.  People lack skills and are jealous of others who they think are more skilled.  Such is life.

But I draw the line at putting up with letters coming through my door from organisational heads who have used my personal details to harass me in my own home. That is unacceptable and I will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

Therefore I have taken positive action and made a formal complaint about the data protection issue and about the harassing language in a letter coming into my home.  I expect my complaint to be investigated properly and have asked the organisation for a copy of their complaints process and procedures.  Looking on their website I can see no evidence of a complaints policy.

I have also asked them for a copy of their data protection and confidentiality policies.  To see what they have written down regarding their use of members' personal information.  And why they would think it acceptable to write to an unpaid carer in their own home, in a threatening tone, using directive language like "you must".  

No, I don't have to. 

I will continue to speak out and challenge unprofessional behaviour, poor/bad practice and human rights abuse in psychiatric settings.  It is these characteristics that "undermine" an organisation, not the campaigning from a mental health activist.

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