Sunday, 3 August 2014

(Who are) the "Corridor people"? Film from omphalos

(Who are) the "Corridor people"? from omphalos

"This film carries the words of the psychiatrist Dr Busner from the fictional book 'Umbrella' by Will Self.

This film asks: who are the corridor people? 

The article on Corridor people, on which this film is loosely based, was written in 1982 and was about the long-term patients that used to be found walking to corridors of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Fellow humans complained about the corridor people.

For the filmmaker, a CORRIDOR represents (in a symbolic way) narrowness of thought. Particularly science that feels it can exist entirely free of philosophy. It occurs to the filmmaker that Specialists are often to be found in corridors and certainly not just patients. Psychiatrists also walk the narrow corridors.

Many thanks (again) to Dexter Britain for providing the track: "Time Catches Up" by Dexter Britain ( under common licence."

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