Sunday, 3 August 2014

On Life and Laing: A Walk with Bob Foss (Daniel Mackler film about RD Laing)

Daniel Mackler:

"In the mid-1970s, Bob Foss, a Swedish-Norwegian filmmaker, lived for seven months in one of R.D. Laing's alternative communities for people labeled with "mental illness" -- where they were neither diagnosed nor pressured to take psychiatric medications (and few took any). Instead they lived together as equals with whomever was living in the house. Those communities, a radical experiment, flew in the face of traditional psychiatry and are still a beacon of light for many. Bob lived there while making a film about R.D. Laing.

I interviewed Bob Foss on a walk through Oslo, Norway in June of 2014.

Bob is a member of "We Shall Overcome," a Norwegian organization that fights for the human rights of people in psychiatry."


  1. Hi Chrys

    Twitter's great isn't it! I might not have come across this video if you hadn't posted it here and then tweeted the link. Many thanks - I really enjoyed watching it. I'll share with our networks now.

    Jackie, Powys Mental Health

    1. Thanks for commenting Jackie.

      Glad the video was useful. I saw it on Facebook. Isn't social networking great stuff?

      Cheers, Chrys