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Powys Mental Health Blog: 'Mental Health Act 1983 – Code of Practice: the review (in England)'

Powys Mental Health Blog: Mental Health Act 1983 – Code of Practice: the review (in England) :  

"Jan Rogers, who recently wrote for us about Volunteering whilst getting benefits, has been playing a key role over the last few months in the review of the Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice in England. This work is being led by the Department of Health and backed by the Minister for Health, Norman Lamb, you can read more about PAVO’s role in this work here

Jan was recently asked to speak about her experiences, as someone in contact with mental health services, at the Expert Reference Group reviewing the Code. With her permission we are publishing Jan’s talk as a guest blog post."


Jan Rogers
"I was diagnosed and labelled with "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” and depression. The reality of it all and the issues I have had to deal with, and still do, day to day – are guilt, lack of self worth, failure to family and friends and society in general (although after I was labelled I didn’t seem to have as many friends), flashbacks, voices, hallucinations (even to the extent I can’t always tell if the people I am talking to are real or not).

When I an unwell I tend to pace backwards and forwards with my fist clenched usually talking to the people that others may not see. I feel that this is the only way to keep control and to stop them taking over. In the past people, police, doctors and other professionals, have perceived me as on drugs or alcohol and mistaken my pacing and keeping control as lack of control and a possibility of turning violent. Those that know me know I am not, and never have been, violent towards anybody.

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