Saturday, 9 August 2014

Ageing is Truth from #Omphalos: Time passes. Listen. Time passes.

Ageing is truth from omphalos 

"Time passes. Listen. Time passes

Sculpture: "The Ageing stone" by Dr Peter J. Gordon

Track: "Truth" by Hue & Cry

The Latin inscription (copied and translated below) was carved on Mavisbank house in 1724:

Concedatque Deus, Nunquam Vel Sero Senescas
Seroque Terrenas Experiare Vices
Integra Reddantur. Que Plurima Saecula Rodant
Delui Et Ut Serio Pulchrior Eniteas.

And may God concede that you grow old either never or late,
and that you experience earthly changes late.
And may what the numerous ages erode be restored intact,
and may it be granted that the older you are,
the more beautiful you may shine."

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