Tuesday, 29 July 2014

seeing the label and not the person - stigma and discrimination, alive and kicking

Something happened on Friday which demonstrated that unfortunately stigma and discrimination is alive and kicking in Scotland's mental health world.

It happened to a person with a "mental disorder" label/diagnosis on a work placement who was targeted by a mental health professional behaving unprofessionally.   Discriminating against the person because of the diagnosis, breaching confidentiality and data protection.  

I had made a complaint about this mental health professional back in January 2013 and here they were behaving badly again.

Targeting a person who I am close to.  Their pain is my pain.  And I am very unhappy about it.

The stigmatising behaviour was further compounded by another senior professional in the workplace who listened to the unprofessional professional and followed their lead rather than standing with the person who had the label.  

Seeing the label and not the person.

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